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Advice for Those Who Want to Become an Architectural Photographer

Advice for Those Who Want to Become an Architectural Photographer

Interest in architectural photography is increasing day by day. I decided to share my experiences with you when the increase in the number of assistant applications added to those who recently sought my advice. There will certainly be points I missed, but I will try to briefly summarize the basic framework.

Education is a must!

First of all, let me state that this article is for people who have basic photography knowledge and aim to do this job professionally. It requires having a good set of equipment to do this job professionally. Our must-haves: Full-frame camera, wide-angle lens(s), a good tripod, flash/paraflash, reflector and a computer to process your photos. It would be great if tilt-shift lens is added to these in the following stages!

Equipment is one of the most important stages of this business, but of course, another important issue is learning to use your equipment correctly. For this, it is necessary to work hard, practice a lot, read and watch training videos. We are very lucky compared to 10 years ago because now it is possible to reach many resources on the internet.

Becoming the Master of Light!

I know it sounds very ambitious, but no matter what area of ​​photography you work in, you must first read and use natural light well. Especially if you are photographing an architectural project, you must capture the story that the architect tells through light.

Before photographing any project, I try to explore the place. Where does the sun rise, what time does it set, the location of the project, what time will give the best results? I think about the details and create a shooting plan.

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